This year has disrupted everything except the need for hope. COVID may have kept us from meeting in person, but the needs haven’t stopped. Over the next 7 days, celebrate life with us and discover how you can use your gifts to help encourage and equip families here in Wichita to choose life! Follow along here, in the official 7 Days For Life Booklet, and on Facebook to hear client stories and discover the impact of your giving.

Give Hope

More than a dollar amount, giving to Embrace is the hands and feet of Jesus in motion in our city. Your gift offers support and encouragement to a mother as she makes decisions for the future of an unborn life. Every dollar and dime you donate is making an impact for eternity and stays local to Wichita.

ALL gifts made by October 15 will now be matched up to $60,000 thanks to these generous matching gift sponsors!

Dr. Steve & Sharree Moore, Kent & Janet Kruske, Daniel & Heather Johnson, Dave & Debra VanderGriend, Jerod & Rebecca Hatch, Rob & Amy Babst, Kenneth & Connie Bengtson, Myriam & Brian Hughes, Mark & Lou Ann Spangler, Mark & Shelly Cox, Jordan & Casey Crane, Lyndon & Julie Zielke

Day 1 - Giving Hope

Pregnancy testing: where it all began 35 years ago. Despite the pandemic, we’ve still served over 400 women this year with a higher percentage being abortion-minded and notably more moms interested in the choice of adoption! It’s during a pregnancy test that many moms and dads hear the hope of the gospel for the first time, as well as receiving vital emotional support. Listen as Laura shares the hope she found in her pregnancy and beyond thanks to your generosity to give!

Give Hope

Day 2 - Seeing Life = Saving Life

Seeing life on the screen has a huge impact in a pregnancy decision. In fact, 85% of women choose life after seeing their baby and hearing his/her heartbeat! Once the baby is born, clients come back saying they can’t imagine their lives without their child, and it all started with their first meeting at Embrace. Seeing their child for the first time often moves them from a place of uncertainty to hope.

“Sonograms are a huge way for women to connect with their baby before they can ever even feel pregnant and know that a life is growing inside of them.” – Dr. Angela Holdeman

Give Hope

Day 3 - Saving A Marriage

Pregnancy, parenting, and relationships are full of opportunities for personal growth. Having a licensed staff member ready to guide clients through difficult life experiences with godly counsel is invaluable. Joe and Brooke are just one of the many couples to find healing in their relationship at Embrace. Take a listen.

Give Hope

Day 4 - Restoring Health

Did you know, Embrace is the only STD clinic in Wichita that shares the gospel? And because of your support, we’re able to offer it at no cost to the client! So far this year in the STD clinic, over 300 men and women have been challenged with the truth of God’s design for intimacy.

Give Hope

“Aniyah” is just one of those clients. She visited Embrace two years ago for an STD test. This time, Aniyah started her visit with a pregnancy test. During that time she shared remorse about past decisions she’d made that led her to need STD testing again, and she was ready for a new way of living. The volunteer presented the gospel and the hope of starting over as a new creation in Christ and she accepted! With a negative pregnancy test, she continued her visit to the STD clinic where the truth she heard was reinforced and she received the physical care needed for her situation. Since then, she’s been able to further her discipleship through counseling, all within the walls of Embrace!

Day 5 - Equipping Parents

It’s simply not enough to encourage someone to choose life; as the church, we’ve been called to share our resources as well. Through weekly parenting classes, clients learn relevant instruction that equips them to pursue the full and abundant life God has in store for them. Upon completing the class, clients earn essential baby items that support their growing family and offsets financial costs. But more than earning incentives, classes are a place to facilitate discipleship that leads to lasting change and transformation. Dustin & Sylvia are just one example.

“We want to give people the opportunity to see Christ as the foundation of their value and move forward from there.” – Pastor James Thorne, Embrace Volunteer Teacher

Give Hope

Day 6 - Rescuing Life

From the moment a woman takes the first abortion pill, she has about 72 hours to change her mind and try to save her baby. A woman seeking to change her decision can reach out to the national Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) hotline and will be connected with a local medical provider who starts the process. Embrace is one of 500 medical professionals nationwide trained to administer the APR protocol. Since starting the service in 2018, Embrace has rescued three unborn lives through the APR process. Nationally, more than 1,000 lives have been saved through the network!

Give Hope

“Hannah” is just one of those moms. After connecting with Embrace, Hannah immediately began progesterone treatment. Several weeks and sonograms later, her unborn baby was measuring on track. Today, Hannah is the proud mother of a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Something that would not have been possible without your support.

Day 7 - Teaching Life Skills

Four years ago, a full-time licensed social worker joined the staff with the purpose to provide services to pregnant women, enabling them to carry their pregnancies to term. Last year, 122 women received monthly mentoring, helping them achieve God’s best for their lives.

These meetings help moms develop a personal goal plan by addressing social relationships, living situations, family, finances, work, education, and health and safety. For Jennifer, that support helped her prepare emotionally and mentally to be a mom knowing the day-to-day needs were taken care of. Listen in.

Give Hope

Day 8 - Thank You!

Because of you, now 25 men and women have made decisions to follow Christ this year and over 600 heard the gospel! Every dollar and dime you donate is making an impact for eternity. If you haven’t given yet, remember ALL gifts made by October 15 will now be matched up to $60,000! Don’t miss your opportunity to double your impact today!

Give Hope

“Thank you, Embrace and God bless everyone who makes this place possible”-Katy, mother of Santiago