4 Elements to Connect With Your Baby

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Whether you’re welcoming your first child or are an expert in this mommy business, everyone can benefit from these simple practices to connect with your baby.

Eye Contact-Gazing into your baby’s eyes connects you together and baby responds to the emotional state you are in at the moment. Loving eye contact, even for a moment, helps baby to calm and know your presence. “When eyes meet, a wireless connection is created between the orbital frontal areas of the pre-frontal lobes. From this connection, we download inner states into one another.” -D Stern

Presence-To be present means your body and mind are tuned into what is happening in the moment with your baby. No outside distractions take your mind away from this connection with your baby. Your loving presence allows for Joy in the moment between you and baby as you tune into and connect with each other.

Touch-When you provide appropriate, caring touch your baby is getting something that he or she cannot live without. Touch allows for the release of a hormone that is essential to your baby’s brain function and learning. Loving, healthy touch can be a simple stroking of baby’s cheeks as he or she eats or applying baby massage techniques after evening bath.

Playfulness-Remember to have fun! Being silly and sharing laughter and smiles with your baby has been shown to release the “feel good” hormone dopamine. This hormone helps to increase baby’s attention span and social development. It may seem a bit uncomfortable to you to act “out of character,” but keep in mind that you are doing this with the purpose of  growing your baby’s brain and nourishing his or her soul.

These 4 critical elements of connection begin the process of a healthy, secure attachment and ends in having happy, smart kids! Let us know some of the creative ways you connect with your baby in the comment section below. This information is taken from B. Bailey, author of I Love You Rituals and founder of Conscious Discipline.

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