Why Do I Need A Sonogram?

By August 15, 2016Pregnancy
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Think you could be pregnant?

There are many questions to work through. “Should I keep the baby, parent through adoption, or get an abortion?” Before you make a decision, it’s best to get a sonogram and know all the facts. At Embrace, we value your time and want you to have clarity as soon as you can so we offer sonograms in the early weeks of pregnancy. Come in during our walk-in hours and see if you can qualify for a free limited obstetrical ultrasound.

A sonogram helps us answer the following 3 questions:

1. Is there a baby in the uterus?
2. Roughly how old is the baby?
3. Does the baby have a heartbeat?

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Just because you had a positive urine pregnancy test does not mean you can be sure that you are really pregnant.  There are some medical conditions other than a pregnancy that can cause a test to come out positive. Also, statistics show that around 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in the early parts of pregnancy and sometimes the mother is unaware that the pregnancy has ended.

If you are not sure whether you want to continue your pregnancy, an early sonogram will answer many vital questions as you make this decision. Stop in or call us to learn more about how you can get your free limited sonogram.