Unexpected pregnancy? We’ve got your back.

Embrace has been empowering women in Wichita for 35 years to make informed pregnancy decisions. We provide a safe and confidential environment to talk through your options, speak with a medical professional and receive emotional and physical support at no cost. No appointment needed. Come in for your free appointment during our walk-in hours. You’re not alone. 

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Pregnancy Options

When you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, you have three options to consider: parenting, adoption, and abortion. We understand this is a very important decision to make. You deserve accurate information delivered with compassion and care. Learn more about the support available at Embrace and receive a free & confidential pregnancy test. Walk-ins welcome. 

Confirm your pregnancy

Although a positive pregnancy test is a good indicator that you’re pregnant, an ultrasound is the only way to confirm your pregnancy. Embrace provides free limited obstetric ultrasounds to determine the viability of the pregnancy and how far along you are. This is important information for making a confident decision whether you are thinking about parenting, adoption or abortion.

COVID-19 & Pregnancy

According to the CDC, there have been no cases that have had a long-term negative impact on a pregnant woman, fetus or baby. Instead of worrying, try directing your attention toward what you can control:

  • Be aware of the symptoms (difficulty breathing, coughing, and fever)
  • Use good hygiene (handwashing for 20 seconds & avoiding touching your face)
  • Practice social distancing (maintaining a six-foot distance between yourself & others
  • Review these frequently asked questions from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)
  • Remain calm

Your reproductive health is important to us.

Embrace will continue to provide services during this time taking into consideration all necessary precautions. If you feel more comfortable staying home but need someone to talk to, you can always send us a text at 316-530-1009 or call 316-945-9400. We will do our best to provide the factual information and practical help you need to make a confident pregnancy decision.


Dr. Angela Holdeman

Dr. Angela Holdeman


The content on this page has been approved by one of our board members: Dr. Angela Holdeman, OB/GYN.