What is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday?

Historically, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is a day that churches across the nation set aside to honor and recognize the value of all human life. This year it’s being celebrated on Sunday, January 23.

Why is it important?

More than ever before, today’s young people are hungry to experience significance and personal value. The message they so desperately need to hear has become muted by political parties and legal battles of constitutional rights. What makes us valuable is not what we can do or who we are, rather it is whose we are that gives us value. We are created in the image of our Father, who loves us beyond measure. This is the foundation of all pro-life messages, and the cornerstone of every service offered at Embrace.

With the upcoming elections, pro-life/pro-choice rhetoric will surely fill the airwaves. As believers in Jesus, it is imperative that the hope of the gospel remains at the center of our message or else risk that our voice becomes in tune with the many other clanging gongs of our time.

How can I make a difference?

Whether here for pregnancy testing, sonogram, STD testing, or counseling, we strive to share this hope with every man and woman that walks through the doors at Embrace.

If you’re looking for practical ways to support families in Wichita facing pregnancy decisions, consider volunteering at Embrace or making a financial gift to further the ministry. We encourage you to share this message, whenever, and as often as you can! Feel free to use any of the material below with your church or congregation.

In it for life,

Tim Quiggle
Executive Director

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