Thriving With A Toddler During ‘Shelter-In-Place’

By April 8, 2020COVID-19, Parenting

By Liana Meyer

These are difficult days. Full of uncertainty, we all feel unsure of what’s next. It’s important that we heed the advice of our community health leaders though and they all say the same: stay home.

So what does this look like when you have a toddler at home? Toddlers thrive on a predictable schedule, doing best when they know what to expect. How can you give your children the security they need right now while keeping them safe at home? Here are some tips to help moms and dads with little ones at home.

Thriving with a toddler during COVID-19Take Care of Yourself

First and foremost, be sure that you’re taking some time to care for yourself. When you feel better, you can take better care of your kids. Make time to shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair and drink plenty of water. Take at least 20 or 30 minutes a day to be active – whether that’s finding an exercise video on YouTube in your living room, going for a walk, or even just running around in the backyard with your kids. Staying active is great for your mental health and adding sunshine outdoors is even better! For encouragement during the day, try listening to the Daily Audio Bible on your phone or downloading the Risen Motherhood podcast. It’s important to remember you’re not alone during this time. Saying a prayer or attending churche online may be just the encouragement you need.

Stay Active

Speaking of exercise, your toddler needs time to run and jump and play. And getting outside (while practicing safe social distancing) will keep your child happy and healthy. Find some toys to take outside: bouncy balls, homemade soap bubbles, cars and trucks, sidewalk chalk. Get creative!

Keep to a Schedule

Toddlers and preschoolers thrive best in a predictable environment. That can be more challenging during times like these, but do your best to help your little one know what to expect. Try to keep mealtimes, nap times, and bedtimes to the same time every day if possible. If you haven’t already, establish a bedtime routine to set the stage for a peaceful evening. It might be as simple as bath time, reading a book, singing a song, and saying prayers before tucking your child in for the night. Routines like this make a toddler feel safe and secure.

Create A Calm Environment

With so much negative news coming from social media and television, you may find yourself feeling scared or angry. Children are very sensitive to your moods. Try to find a good balance of staying informed, without letting it overtake your happiness. If you do find yourself feeling down, do your best to not take it out on your children. Step outside, take a deep breath, call a friend, or say a prayer.

This season of staying home can be a blessing if we allow it to be. Let it be a time your kids will remember happiness, laughter, and family togetherness. If you have specific prayer requests or want to find out how Embrace can offer support on this journey, send us a message or call 316.945.9400. We’re in this together.