What You Should Know Before You Volunteer At Embrace

By October 31, 2017Embrace

Seeing an average of 1,400 clients a year with a small staff is only accomplished thanks to our faithful volunteers. These moms, dads, grandma’s & community members are the reason why we can keep our services free of charge for clients while still providing great quality care. And to give some perspective on the sheer volume of time involved, our volunteers have contributed over 4,300 hours so far this year!

Words of Wisdom

With so many prospective people interested in volunteering, we wanted to take this opportunity to share an inside look at what you should know before you volunteer at a pregnancy center. And who better to inquire for such answers than our current volunteer line-up! The following are bits of wisdom from our volunteers some of whom have been here for decades and others who only just completed training.

"There is no 'standard conversation' that you have with every client who comes in. It's important - and freeing - to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as you talk with a client."

MargaretEmbrace Volunteer

"This is such an awesome way to serve women in our city. You get to talk to women in many walks of life...some in crisis mode, others who just need someone to listen and affirm their value."

JanaEmbrace Volunteer

"The training is great. When you start as an advocate there are plenty of staff and experienced advocates to answer questions and help you."

LindaEmbrace Volunteer

Who Should Volunteer?

Our most needed volunteer position is serving as a client advocate. This role requires 3 hours of your week on a scheduled day to be available for walk-in clients. If the idea of providing peer counsel to a client through their pregnancy decision interests you, let us know! Contact Raquel by phone or email & schedule a time for a tour.

"If you have a heart for saving babies & loving pregnant women, you should volunteer. But only if you are committed to it! Even though it is a volunteer position, you are counted on to be here. You matter!"

JanEmbrace Volunteer

"We are all inadequate. None of us knows enough scripture, or how to share the gospel the 'best' way. So just do it! God can and will use you."

SueEmbrace Volunteer

"It's 3 hours out of your week and for me, those 3 hours are always so rewarding. I get to fellowship with other believers and witness at the same time."

MarcyEmbrace Volunteer