As a friend of PCC we greatly value your thoughts, prayer and support. As we journey down the road of a name change, we want to convey several things that may help you better understand WHY this change is important. We know that you walk with us as we serve the many needs of our clients and rejoice with us as we see God at work in their lives.

No Change in Mission or Services!

First, please know the mission and vision of PCC has NOT changed. Our mission has been, and will always be to serve individuals and families with the love of Christ empowering them to:

  • Choose Life,
  • Practice Sexual Integrity, and
  • Experience Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wholeness.

Leading those that walk through our doors to a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ will always be our core.

The board has given this decision much prayer and thought. Consultation has been sought from local and national professionals in the pregnancy care world, and from other centers that have re-branded. We have held focus groups/brain-storming sessions with age appropriate demographics, visited with clients, donors, advocates and church partners. We want to make sure that the new name honors both the clients we serve as well as the legacy of 30 years in ministry to this community.

For the last 6 years we have been tracking the number of clients coming through our doors and the data reflects a very alarming pattern. From 2009-2014 the number of clients coming through our doors has decreased by approximately 10% every year. In 2015 we actually flattened out and did not see a decrease, but no increase either.  We believe that the women coming to PCC are in a crisis, however, part of the problem is, they don’t view their unplanned pregnancy as a crisis. Forty percent of births in Sedgwick County are to unwed mothers and when you look closer at our primary demographic (17yr olds -26yr olds) the statistics are closer to 60%. This tell us that young women are still having babies, but instead of coming to PCC, they are going somewhere else or nowhere at all.

Research informs us that today’s culture views marriage as something they want, but not relevant or necessary. It is commonplace for a young woman to first get pregnant, then decide if and when she wants to marry. Therefore pregnancy is viewed more as a choice; not a crisis. The name “Pregnancy Crisis Center” does not accurately reflect the client’s mindset. When asked, clients report back with responses like, “the name is offensive;” or “I didn’t come in because I’m not in a crisis.” They think the name represents a place they should go if they are 6 months pregnant and they have a medical crisis with the pregnancy.

What’s in a Name?

Our primary referral method is still #1 – word of mouth; and #2 – search engine. Centers that are growing have changed their center names to better connect with clients. In addition, they place more focus on social media and have a larger on-line presence since that’s where this generation goes to find resources. We have been working on the latter for the past 12 months. With the invention of the internet clients no longer look up a center by name.  Rather, they type in key words of interest. Our website is set up so that when a client types in key words, such as pregnancy test, sonogram or abortion our center’s website is pulled up. The name itself is of little use in helping clients find services. However, when the name doesn’t fit the client’s needs, they move on to another more appropriate sounding place.

The marketing professional has instructed us to find a name that stands on its own and with which our clients will identify. After many brainstorming and committee meetings we’ve landed on the name, Embrace. We believe this name resonates with our client, the 20 year old woman that knows nothing about the Center, only that she is pregnant and has a decision to make. Our desire is to be able to do more of exactly what God has called us to do. We know that change can be scary, but the data is pretty clear; we needed to do something or face becoming largely irrelevant in a few more years. Pray that God would give us good counsel and we would be wise like the men of Issachar, clearly understanding the times and what to do. We appreciate you and your feedback very much.

In it for Life!

Tim Quiggle

Executive Director