You Are Worthy of Love

By January 15, 2019Embrace, Relationships

Every life has value. Yet, when you make a mistake or find yourself in a difficult situation, you might start to feel like your life is meaningless and without any value of its own. In these situations it’s easy to say or do things you will regret. That’s why Embrace is here to remind you that you are worthy of respect, kindness, and love.

Unfortunately, this fact can be hard to remember sometimes. If you’re struggling with feelings of doubt or uncertainty, keep reading. Need help or support? Please call Embrace at (316) 945-9400. All services are free and confidential.

Worthy of Love

Every Life Has Value

The key to remember is that every life, including yours, has value in the eyes of your Creator. When we look for worth in our circumstances, the opinion of others, or our own performance, we will always fall short. Social media, the internet and TV make it so we don’t have to go far to see someone who looks like they’ve got it all together and a quick scroll can leave us feeling less than.

But God doesn’t see us through the same lens we view ourselves or others. Whereas we are quick to put ourselves down, he sees the daughter he so wonderfully made. Before you were born, he knew you and wanted to give you life. He carefully created every part of you with love and purpose: your freckles, your quirky sense of humor, and even the parts of yourself you don’t like. Great thought and intention went into each element of who you are.

Remind Yourself Of Your Worth

Of course, even when you know your life has value, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the weeds. It can help to remind yourself of what makes you special. Simple tasks such as writing in a journal or sending letters to yourself can keep your value top of mind. You can even speak reminders out loud:

“I am doing my best and that is enough.”
“I am uniquely created by God.”
“I can choose to hold on to hope.”
“I am accepted by God no matter what I’ve done.”
“I am worthy of love.”

Be Kind To Yourself

Nobody likes when other people are unkind to them. Yet we are often unkind to ourselves. When you dwell on mistakes, think negative thoughts, and criticize your own thoughts or feelings, you are treating yourself unkindly. It’s important to practice self-care and to treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.

How do you do this? Imagine coming to yourself with your problems and asking for advice, comfort, or help. How would you respond to someone else asking you for those same things? Try to treat yourself like a trusted friend or close family. Be kind and warm to yourself in your thoughts and actions. And remember to focus on what you need in order to feel better.

Be Brave in Life

Many times our negative feelings come from things we fear. New or unsure situations, complicated problems, and social trouble can cause us to feel negative about ourselves. But by facing these problems with bravery, you will often find that they’re not as complicated or dangerous as you think.

Bravery doesn’t mean rushing into a situation without regard for consequences…

It means not avoiding problems simply because they seem hard. In short, bravery means trying to solve a problem, and realizing it’s OK if you don’t succeed or need help to finish it. This can feel scary, but with practice and care, you will find that you are more confident, more capable, and braver than you realize.

Find Help and Support

If you’re having trouble with your situation and you need someone to talk to, you are not alone. Embrace is here for you. We see women and families from every walk of life, and we would be honored to offer you confidential support & resources.

Please call Embrace at (316) 945-9400. All services are free and confidential.