Free Pregnancy Testing, Limited Sonograms &
STD Testing


Only Clinic To Offer Free STD Testing

In Wichita, KS


"Knowing Someone Cared Made All The Difference."

Life was meant to be lived to the fullest.

Our community here is built on the value we place on life. Each day, we meet people who are eager to find traction in their lives as they move forward with unexpected circumstances and need answers. Our history is built on helping people find wholeness despite daunting complexities and to see the steps for a continually thriving lifestyle.

Whether you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or the challenges of an STD, we are here for you. No matter what challenges you are experiencing, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is our top priority.



Our medical team and staff are eager to help you see all sides of the road ahead of you. No matter what challenges you are experiencing, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is our top priority. Beyond just helping you navigate your circumstances, our team aims to help you find joy throughout the terms of your pregnancy.

Sexually Active

Sex is a gift we help people see from a healthy vantage point. If you are experiencing the challenges that come with an STD, know that you will be welcomed here simply for who you are. Beyond the medical treatment and counseling we offer for STD related issues, we value the aspirations you have. We exist to provide answers that lead to a healthier lifestyle and create action steps for each person’s unique situation.

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