Think you may be pregnant?

You're not alone.


"Knowing Someone Cared Made All The Difference."


Only Clinic To Offer Free STD Testing

In Wichita, KS

Life was meant to be lived to the fullest.

Our community here is built on the value we place on life. Each day, we meet people who are eager to find traction in their lives as they move forward with unexpected circumstances and need answers. Our history is built on helping people find wholeness no matter their situation and to see the steps for a continually thriving lifestyle.

Whether you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, have questions about abortion, or need treatment for an STD, we are here for you. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is our top priority.


Pregnancy Options

Knowing all your options empowers you to make an informed decision in your pregnancy. No matter your situation, our medical team & staff are here to listen & provide accurate information.

Abortion Education

Questions about abortion in Kansas? We’re here to help with a free & confidential appointment. Confirm your pregnancy and learn more about what’s available to you in Wichita, KS.

STD Testing

If you’re seeking professional care for an STD, you’ve come to the right palce. We exist to provide you answers that lead to a healthier lifestyle through free education, testing and treatment. 

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