Choosing to place your child for adoption is difficult and brave. Like your other options for your unexpected pregnancy, adoption planning isn’t an easy choice to make.

To decide if adoption is right for you, learn as much as possible about the process. Embrace works with local adoption organizations and agencies to help you find a good fit on your journey.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal, lifelong transfer of parental rights from birth parents (or guardians) to adoptive parents.

As the birth or expectant mother, you should never have to pay for the services of an adoption specialist. Adopting couples pay all costs during the process.

The Adoption Process

You have complete control over the entire adoption process. You choose the adoptive couple or family and decide how much time you want to invest in a relationship with them and your child.

Adoption Plans

There are three different adoption plans based on the amount of contact you hope to have with the new family.

  • Open adoption means you exchange identifying information with the adoptive couple. You can communicate through letters, texts, phone calls, and potential visits.
  • Closed adoption keeps you completely anonymous. You won’t have any further communication after finalization.
  • Semi-open adoption lets you remain anonymous while still having the ability to contact the family. A third party, like the adoption agency, handles all communication.

Choosing The Adoptive Parents

This is the most important part of the process, choosing the adoptive family. Knowing you’ve selected the right family to raise your child gives you comfort and peace of mind.

Do you want your child to have immediate siblings? To be raised on a farm? Have a specific religion? Tell your adoption coordinator what’s important to you, and they’ll arrange for you to view detailed profiles of potential adoptive families who meet your criteria.

How We Can Help

Although we do not directly coordinate adoptions, we can assist you if you would like to know more about the following:

  • Adoption education and resources
  • Maternity clothes
  • Referral to an adoption attorney or agency
  • Counseling support during pregnancy and beyond