Because Life Matters…

From the moment a woman confirms her pregnancy to the moment she makes her decision to abort or to parent is less than 24 hours. Since 1985 Embrace has been the sole provider in west Wichita that provides those facing unexpected pregnancy decisions a safe place to be heard and to receive honest information regarding their pregnancy. At Embrace every client is offered:

  • Compassionate and truthful information about their pregnancy and sexual health
  • Life-affirming pregnancy options that value each life involved
  • Support, resources, and encouragement that equip parents for their family’s needs
  • STD testing & treatment when appropriate
  • Non-judgmental and unconditional love with all services at no cost
  • The opportunity to hear the truth of God’s plan for their lives

When you give to Embrace, those facing pregnancy decisions find:

  • Hope that they aren’t in this pregnancy alone
  • Hope that they don’t have to choose between a baby and their dreams and plans for their future
  • Hope in knowing that this one decision will not become the greatest regret of their life, but one of their biggest blessings
  • Hope available to them through Jesus Christ

Thank You For Giving Hope!

“There I will make the Valley of Trouble a door of hope.” Hosea 2:15

Other Ways To Support Embrace

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Gifts to Embrace are tax-deductible and stay local to Wichita. Embrace does not share your information in any way. All gifts are non-refundable. To donate by mail, send a check made out to “Embrace” to 1040 N. West St. Wichita, KS 67203. If you have a question about your payment, please contact Embrace at 316-945-9400.