Your Spare Change Can Change A Life!

Change For Life is the second-largest fundraiser for Embrace and over 80 local churches participate every year! Thanks to your support through prayer and participation in Change For Life, 40 women and men accepted Christ in 2020 and thousands more heard the gospel during their pregnancy tests, sonograms, STD testing, and more! 

The mission of Embrace is to serve individuals and families with the love of Christ empowering them to: choose Life, practice sexual integrity, and experience physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

Give Hope

3 Easy Ways To Give

Your participation in Change For Life is easy and can be a great teaching tool for families to speak the truth about the sanctity of all human life. Feel free to use the promotional material below to get the word out about the campaign at your church. Once you have your baby bottle, you can give however is easiest for you:

1. Change/Cash
2. Check
3. E-giving online


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Get Involved

To get your church or small group signed up, email Liana at

Additional Help

If you have any questions regarding promotional material, our team is happy to help! Email Kim at or call 316.945.9400.