If you’re wondering whether you can buy the abortion pill online, the answer is yes. However, this option comes with serious risks to your health. 

In fact, the FDA advises against buying the abortion drugs online. This is because these drugs aren’t necessarily FDA-approved, so the source, quality, and potency aren’t guaranteed. 

Before seeking abortion drugs, it’s critical to take certain steps to protect your health. Read on to learn more about these steps. Or, if you want to learn more about your pregnancy options and receive essential, no-cost services, contact Embrace to schedule a confidential appointment. 

How to Protect Your Health Before Seeking an Abortion

If you’re considering getting an abortion, taking the following steps first can help protect your health: 

  1. Learn all you can about abortion. For example, do you know about the potential risks associated with the abortion drugs? Do you know if you’re eligible for the abortion drugs? Do you still have any lingering questions about the procedure?
  2. Learn all you can about your other pregnancy options, which include parenting and adoption
  3. Get a ultrasound. This scan can give you essential details you need to know before an abortion, including your pregnancy’s gestational age, location, and viability. 
  4. Ensure your questions are answered. Before seeking an abortion or any other pregnancy decision, make sure you don’t have any lingering questions. You deserve the facts.

Your Next Step

Before seeking an abortion—or any pregnancy decision—come talk to Embrace. 

Embrace offers no-cost services, resources, and information to help you feel supported and have everything you need to make an informed choice. These include limited ultrasound, classes, and referrals.

While facing an unexpected pregnancy can feel overwhelming, you’re not alone in this. Contact Embrace today to schedule your no-cost, confidential appointment.