Navigating an unexpected pregnancy with a partner can be complicated. You may worry about their reaction or question what their level of involvement should be. Know that other women have been in your shoes.

First, if you’ve shared your pregnancy news with your partner, consider how they reacted. Were they shocked, scared, or even angry? If so, give them space before sharing a potential pregnancy decision. 

Continue reading to learn about possible considerations. 

Do You Have a Good Relationship?

Maybe you feel ready to share your pregnancy decision with your partner. Or perhaps you didn’t feel comfortable sharing the pregnancy news in the first place. 

If you are in an abusive relationship or feel unsafe telling your partner, remember that this is your pregnancy. Your partner doesn’t have the right to know, especially if you are worried about possible harm. 

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for 24/7, confidential support. You don’t need to find a way out alone. Support is available. 

Consider the Best Time and Place 

Telling your partner you want an abortion or another pregnancy option can be scary. You may fear their reaction, especially if you have a good relationship and want their support. 

Choose a time and place when they can provide their undivided attention. You should find a peaceful, distraction-free location with minimal interruptions. 

Identify the Plan Going Forward

Your partner may disagree with your pregnancy decision. Consider listening to their opinions and identifying why they differ. Though this is your pregnancy, it may be helpful to consider their input. 

Do they support another pregnancy decision? Why? Having an open dialogue is essential during this time. If you both feel comfortable, consider attending pregnancy options information sessions at a local pregnancy center. You may be more equipped to choose an option like parenting than you thought.

Embrace Wichita is Here For You

Before making a pregnancy decision like abortion, understanding all your options is essential. Embrace offers no-cost limited ultrasound, options information, and more. 

If you or your partner want to sort through your feelings regarding this pregnancy, Embrace is here to provide the non-judgmental environment you need.

Contact Embrace today to make an appointment. You aren’t alone.