If you think you might be pregnant, or you’re not sure whether the symptoms you’re feeling are pregnancy-related, Embrace is here for you. We know how hard it can be to tell if the symptoms you’re feeling are really pregnancy related. Keep reading to learn more about common pregnancy symptoms and find out if you need to take a free pregnancy test.

Symptom 1: Missed Period

One of the most reliable signs of being pregnant is if your period is late or never comes. However, some women also experience cramping and spotting in early pregnancy that makes them think they are starting a period. Other women have irregular menstrual cycles that are difficult to track. In these cases, you should come in for a free pregnancy test to be sure you’re not pregnant.

Symptom 2: Irregular Bleeding or Spotting

Along with a missed period, some women will have light bleeding or spotting about two weeks after becoming pregnant. Many medical professionals refer to this as “implantation bleeding” because it is the result of the growing embryo attaching to the wall of the uterus. Some women get this light bleeding confused with their regular menstrual period, but implantation bleeding is much shorter and lighter than a period.

Symptom 3: Changes to Your Body

Your body begins responding to pregnancy very quickly after becoming pregnant. Take note of any of the following changes:

  • Changes in your breasts, especially if they feel sore or sensitive, or if your nipple area has changed shape, grown larger, or become darker
  • Bloating and swelling that makes your clothes feel tighter or makes you feel sore and tired
  • Unusual tiredness or headaches
  • Unusual nausea or sensitivity to smells
Must-Know Pregnancy Symptoms Wichita

Symptom 4: Changes to Your Mood and Feelings

Along with changes to your body, the hormonal surges in early pregnancy can change your mood and feelings as well. Pay attention to symptoms such as:

  • Unexplained irritability or crankiness
  • Sudden mood shifts (such as feeling happy one moment and then very sad soon after)
  • Aversions to foods and drinks you usually like
  • Sudden cravings and urges for foods and drinks

Symptom 5: A Positive Pregnancy Test

While it’s not technically a symptom of pregnancy, a positive pregnancy test is an extremely reliable indicator that you are pregnant. If you’ve already taken a home pregnancy test and received a positive result, you can feel relatively confident that you are truly pregnant.

Despite the claims of accuracy on most pregnancy test boxes, women often ask us if their home pregnancy test results (or the results here at our center) are accurate. In general, a standard pregnancy test taken at the right time is over 99% accurate. Even so, pregnancy tests aren’t foolproof, and it’s possible to get an inaccurate result.

The Next Steps

If you’ve received a positive pregnancy test, your next step is to schedule an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy is viable. Embrace provides free pregnancy testing, free confirmation ultrasounds, and other pregnancy health services in Wichita. Contact us today at (316) 945-9400 to learn more about our free services.