Sharing pregnancy news with your parents can be frightening, especially when there are many unknowns. The uncertainty and added pressure can put an extra weight on your shoulders.

Remember that this discussion is one moment in time, and even if it doesn’t go the way you planned, support is available. Speak with Embrace today to clarify your next steps and receive no-cost pregnancy services.

Managing Difficult Emotions

You may experience many emotions before speaking with your parents. From worry to nervousness, these feelings are normal. Allow yourself to experience them, but remember that they don’t define you.

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, you may wonder how your parents will react. While there’s no way to predict how they’ll take the news, there are several things you can do to prepare.

1. Create boundaries.

Determine what you will and won’t discuss with your parents. It’s best to be clear and honest about your pregnancy situation, but if you worry your parents will pressure you into making a certain decision, determine the boundaries you’ll set beforehand.

2. Decide where and when to have the conversation.

While you can’t control your parents’ reaction, you can decide where and when to have the conversation. Choose a time when your parents can focus on your news, and select a location where you’ll feel comfortable and can leave if you feel uncomfortable.

You can also invite a support person to be with you if needed.

3. Prepare by learning about your pregnancy.

It’s best to go into the conversation knowing key pregnancy details (like how far along you are). If you have an intended decision and feel comfortable, you can share it with your parents. This will help them know you’ve done your research and are proactively learning about your pregnancy.

Embrace provides limited sonograms to medically confirm your pregnancy and options information so you can make a confident decision.

Your Next Steps

If your parents react negatively to your pregnancy news, remember they might be in shock. Give them some time to process your situation.

As you move forward, remember that you don’t have to navigate this time alone. Embrace will provide accurate information and help you make a confident choice.

Make a no-cost appointment with Embrace today. You aren’t alone.