Ultrasounds are critical diagnostic tools for viewing bodily structures and identifying certain health conditions. An obstetric ultrasound can view your reproductive organs and assess a pregnancy’s health. 

Even if you’re sure you want an abortion, you should still have a ultrasound. This scan provides crucial pregnancy information to help confirm potential options, protect your health, and more.

1. You Should Know if Your Pregnancy Is Viable

A viable pregnancy means it has a heartbeat and is developing normally. A ultrasound will determine whether your pregnancy is viable or if you’ve had a miscarriage.

Up to 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Sometimes, a miscarriage will require monitoring or medical treatment. But an abortion will not “treat” a miscarriage as the pregnancy has already ended.

2. Learn How Far Along You Are

Knowing your pregnancy’s gestational age (how far along you are) matters for various reasons. But in the context of pregnancy options, it can help you understand what you may be eligible for. 

Medical abortion is FDA-approved through 10 weeks gestation. In Kansas, abortion is only legal after 22 weeks of pregnancy when the mother’s life is deemed to be at risk. 

Learning your gestational age through a ultrasound is critical; you shouldn’t take abortion drugs, for example, if your pregnancy is past the advised limit.

3. Verify Your Pregnancy’s Location

A ultrasound will identify whether your pregnancy is located in the uterus. Sometimes, women experience an ectopic pregnancy when the fertilized egg is implanted in another location. 

This condition is very dangerous and requires immediate treatment. This is a nonviable pregnancy, and the fertilized egg won’t survive.

Embrace is Here For You

Embrace provides no-cost, limited ultrasounds to medically confirm your pregnancy. The ultrasound is offered after a positive pregnancy test result during your initial visit, and you can also receive information on options to chart a path forward. 

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