Birth can be both an overwhelming and beautiful experience. But if you’re worried about giving birth, know you aren’t the first woman to have these fears. Many mothers, especially first-time parents, are fearful of labor and delivery. 

These fears are valid. And you deserve to have your questions answered. Your OB/GYN can address any concerns and ensure you feel supported. Keep reading to learn helpful tips as you progress in your pregnancy. 

1. Speaking to Medical Professionals is Key

With any concern, you’ll want to speak with your OB/GYN, midwife, and any other professionals associated with your care. Finding a healthcare team you trust can alleviate your worries, so don’t feel embarrassed to tell yourself, “This isn’t working for me,” and search for a new doctor. 

Often, concerns about pregnancy and birth come from a lack of information. When you learn you’re pregnant, you aren’t expected to know all the answers! 

Rather than researching topics on Google immediately (the answers you find could be inaccurate), talk to your doctor. They can answer your questions honestly and help you develop a game plan. 

2. Empower Yourself

Though giving birth can certainly be scary, remind yourself that women have experienced this for centuries. Yes, complications can happen, but the average birth occurs without issues. 

Whether you’re having a vaginal delivery or C-section, remind yourself that you are strong and capable of bringing life into the world. When you deliver at a hospital, remember that your care team is there to accommodate your needs. 

Whether you take advantage of pain management like epidurals or need medical intervention, these professionals are equipped to serve you. 

Some things that can help you feel more empowered about the upcoming birth are choosing a hospital, packing a hospital bag with essentials and self-care items, and reading books on labor and delivery. 

3. Have Flexible Expectations

Creating a labor and delivery plan can help you manage stress. Identifying your preferences and thinking about topics like who you want in the delivery room can help you feel more confident.

Making these decisions while in labor would be difficult. Preparing as much as possible in advance will take some pressure off when giving birth. 

Remember, not everything goes according to plan. You may want a vaginal delivery but end up needing a C-section. Additional medical care may be required when you arrive at the hospital. 

As challenging as this can be, remind yourself that unexpected changes to a birth plan aren’t failures. Your health and the health of your baby are the priority. 

Have More Questions?

Embrace knows that pregnancy and birth can be challenging. And if your pregnancy was unexpected, the situation may feel even more overwhelming. 

Embrace provides no-cost referrals to OB/GYNs, so you can receive the prenatal care you need. 

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