If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may already have your mind made up about abortion. Perhaps you’re strongly considering it as an option or may be on the fence. 

Regardless of where you’re at with your decision, it’s a good idea to weigh your options and learn pregnancy details that could give you the information you need to decide.

Verify Pregnancy Information

Even if you’ve decided you want to go through with the abortion, you’ll need to verify important details about your pregnancy with a ultrasound. A ultrasound will tell you whether your pregnancy is viable (is growing and has a heartbeat), your gestational age, and where the pregnancy is located. 

Sometimes, a dangerous condition called ectopic pregnancy can occur when the fertilized egg implants in a location other than the uterus. This requires immediate medical treatment and disqualifies you from being able to have an abortion.

Embrace provides no-cost limited ultrasound by appointment.

Learn More About Your Options

Sometimes, you don’t get all the information you need on your options. Abortion is a major medical procedure with serious physical and emotional risks. Before you schedule an appointment with an abortion provider, you’ll want to know the different abortion procedures, side effects, and possible complications. 

You may have already received information about adoption and parenting, but much has changed recently. Many resources and support are available to those wishing to parent or adopt, including financial assistance and materials like diapers and baby wipes.

If you’re interested in pursuing adoption, Embrace can connect you with reputable adoption agencies and organizations to help you determine whether it fits you best. 

Embrace also offers no-cost parenting classes where you earn baby supplies upon completion and provides you with information about community resources that can help you become the best parent possible.

Here For You When You Need It Most

Embrace is here to support you through an unplanned pregnancy. Even if you’re sure you want an abortion, you’ll want to get the facts in a supportive, caring environment. Contact Embrace today to learn more about pregnancy services and options information.